Talking Books

Talking BooksDon’t be confused with the word talking books because books don’t talk. This word is just a symbolic word and has been used in place of audio book. These talking books have been created as a recording of the written text being narrated by some one. This may not replicate the exact audio conversion of a magazine or book. Further, we very much understand that for our social and economical progress in life, we first have to educate ourselves. But, if any one of us has low or impaired vision then we can not read the text books as all the text book material are in printed form only. That’s why the notion of talking books was introduced and implemented so that the printed material word can come close to visually challenged persons. These talking books are available in various formats like audio cassette and computer CDs, according to the advancement in technology.

Later, with the introduction of DAISY technology, better known as Digital Access Information System has made us available a unique method of reading these talking books. With the help of this technology a visually challenged person can not only go through his books quick and smooth but he can read all his chapters page by page rather then worrying about reading these books section wise or chapter wise. It can alternatively be also that he don’t have to put effort in reaching every part, whether it is heading or page or any section of the book. This system has been developed keeping in mind the economics and portability factor of the user.

These talking books prepared using DAISY technology can be conserved for an indefinite period and easily be converted into a higher editions when new technology will be introduced. These talking books can be stored on CDs and played on any device which supports running these CDs like a computer, laptop or mobile phones. Even an MP3 player can also be used to read these talking books. These file formats are digital formats so, delivering these through internet is also possible. Main purpose of preparing a digital library of these talking books is to make available the complete study material of any kind in DAISY format.

Narration of books in audio format was available in colleges and libraries meant for public purpose from early days and also available on shelves of music stores to some extent. From 1980 onwards this medium started becoming popular and music stores started displaying on separate shelves as was the case with boo stores also. As the technology started spreading its wings, knowledge among needy persons about this technology started spreading. Gradually these persons started enquiring about talking books at different book stores and music shops. This sudden spurt in demand of talking books forced the shop owners to start keeping these audio boos. When standard audio cassette tape technology was introduced and portable cassette players started becoming popular, libraries started giving free demonstration of these talking books as recorded educational materials in the beginning.

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