Used Audio Books

Used Audio BooksAre you looking for used audio books?, ever wondered what ever happened to the L.P. Records of the bygone era when people used to listen to a 12 inches disc to store just two songs?? Or the tapes which become obsolete with the introduction of audio cassettes and subsequently to various discs and formats? The similar question arises sometimes in mind as to whatever happens to the used audio books which people have already listened to and are through with it. It then becomes just like a magazine or a news paper which may never be read again.

The same may not apply in the case of used audio books however, but still the chances are very low that one would re listen to an audio book until and unless he or she is very impressed by that book or is a real aficionado of audio books.
It is not a very common practice to collect audio books as a hobby though people tend to collect the paper back or hard bound editions of the books as a hobby. Still many a people do take up collecting used audio books as an archive of collectible audio books since not all the paperback editions have their audio version available and at all places. Many a people prefer to donate the used audio books to public libraries or to the schools or clubs meant for visually impaired. Most of the libraries have open invitations for such donations and sometimes such contributions are rewarded through a complementary membership of the library.

There is a prescribed method of disposal for most of the electronic items which comes along with the gadget. Well, most of the audio books also come on various modes of electronic media storage devices vis a vis audio cassettes etc. except for the downloadable digital versions of audio books. This principle equally applies to the used audio books as well and all the used audio books must also be disposed off in the prescribed manner. The safest option is to dispose it through the electronic garbage. However, considering the intangible value that a book or any work of art, be it literary or otherwise, should command, it is preferable that the used audio books may not be disposed off in the conventional way. The better option still stands that the used audio books may be donated to the libraries or clubs etc. which can further utilize the used audio books.

There are a lot many clubs whose members share their audio book collection with other members. In this way their used audio books are used by other people as well and in turn one also gets an access to others’ collection as well. The club is a nice way of disposing or rather utilizing the audio books already read as it also provides an opportunity to the members to explore new possibilities through social interventions. As like a book, an audio book, may be used, but never loses its content or quality fro that matter and must stand through time.

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